VS Sealer:  VS Sealer is a single component interior vinyl sealer. Fast drying with non yellowing properties. Excellent for areas where high adhesion is needed.  Available in clear, white and black

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Conversion Varnish System

HydroEdge: HydroEdge is a blend of Urethane and Acrylic resin systems to provide the end user with a very durable surface and the applicator with quick dry times for reduced production costs.  HydroEdge when applied properly meets or exceeds the requirements for KCMA testing. HydroEdge is available in both clear and white

MV 22:  Modified vinyl sanding sealer.  Available in clear, white and black

AVERSA 90 Is a single component pre catalyzed lacquer.  Available in clear only

Water-Borne System

PC150:  PC 150 Primer is a pre-catalyzed white primer designed with edge filling and hiding on all
species of wood and MDF. PC 150 Primer dries fast and is exceptionally easy to sand.

Pre-Cat System

HydroSand:  HydroSand White provides the wood finisher with a great foundation to build a superior waterbased finish. This primer surfacer was developed to dry quickly, minimize grain raise and be easy to sand and level.

Exterior System

FK Series: is a polyurethane primer/sealer series that is high in solids and fast drying. This product has an excellent build to hide imperfections on wood or MDF. Easy to sand and offers a good adherence for the topcoat. It flows into the pores on deeply grained species without bridging.  Available in Sealer, White Primer, and Neutral Base Primer.

Acrylic System

Polyurethane, and Polyester Systems

OK Series:  OK Series is a 2 part polyurethane system with anti-yellowing and UV blocking properties.  It has high solids with superior hardness, mar and scratch resistance. It is used as a topcoat on any interior furniture, kitchens, store fixtures, and millwork. It meets with the AWI standard for laboratory furniture.

UNILAC 100 is a new generation of lacquer that can be used pre-catalyzed or with a catalyst. This product was developed with cutting edge pre-cat technology to make a product that sands well and has a high quality finish, which is smooth and hard. Its clarity and resistance to yellowing set it apart